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    Memories are precious.

    Many of us keep visual memories in the form of photos, negatives and slides. Memories are also stored on film reels, videotapes, cassette tapes and audio reels. But time and storage problems can ruin them and if we're not careful those memories disappear forever.

    Convert It preserves all types of analogue media to digital formats. DVDs, CDs and portable USB hard drive files can be stored safely and viewed or heard on any computer-based device including mobile phones.

    Dunedin-based Convert It operates nationally, using a safe and reliable track and trace courier system to ensure your originals and new files are swiftly and safely delivered. Convert It has been operating since 2006.

    We undertake three types of services:

    We respect your privacy and keep the contents of your material strictly confidential. All files and data are deleted from our servers once you have received your discs and there are no issues.