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Cassette Tapes to Digital

Safeguard Your Audio Tapes from Loss or Damage

Cassettes were the first to give us portable music and most of us had large collections. But they were never designed for longevity or for the endless playing they were often subjected to. Our car cassette players were also known for mangling tapes that we had to spend hours rewinding, hoping they would still work.

If you have an extensive collection of audio tapes and want to preserve some or all of them, now is your chance.

Quickly, reliably and inexpensively, we will turn your cassettes into digital files that will keep indefinitely. We can even improve how they sound.

What we do:

  • We transfer them to digital files onto CD or a USB flash drive, enhancing the sound with filters to reduce background noise and tape hiss.
  • Individual tracks are split out so you can easily locate them.
  • The completed CD's are labelled.

we will run filters to optimise your sound

our suite of audio mixing will make your audio sound great

convert cassette tapes to digital CD

If you have a large number of tapes, we can possibly look at a bulk order discount for you.

Pricing - Cassette Tapes to Digital


Number of Tapes

Price to CD 

Including Cover Design

1 Tape



2 to 5 Tapes



6 Tapes or more 




Extra Options


Additional CD Copies

$10.00 per disc


Transfer files to USB stick




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