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Film Reels to Digital

We convert the following film formats

Salvage Your Film Reels Before It's Too Late

Do you have old movies that date back 50 or more years ? If so, you are in grave danger of losing them as the natural aging process causes them to deteriorate, fade and decay. 

These old movies may be the only visual link you have with your past, making it crucial to save them before it's too late.

At Convert It we can restore old 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm reel films, transferring them onto DVD, USB flash drives and portable hard drives. This way they can be viewed for years to come and passed onto future generations.

What we do:

  • We first clean the film reels to remove dust (using a chemical free application)
  • We transfer the film to digital formats, applying filters and correcting the colour and lighting.
  • All DVD's are labelled 


Below are the four common reel sizes as a guide to help you indentify what you have.

Below is a sample of a 9.5mm Film Reel from the 1950's captured using our process.


There are a few factors that can influence the final quality of the films when they are being digitised:

  • Focus and lighting within the film
  • Poor Filming Technique
  • Dust and hair on the film during developing
  • Film Condition
  • Pricing - Film Reels to Digital


    Reel Size


    Processing Charge

    Standard 8, Super 8, 9.5mm & 16mm    

    Small - 50ft (7.5cm in diameter)

    3-5 min


    Medium - 200ft (12.5cm in diameter)

    13-15 min


    Large - 400ft (17.5cm in diameter)

    26-28 min


    Extra Large - 1200ft 

    40-45 min


    Formatting captured films (one off charge, additional to processing charge)




    Extra Options


    Chapter Menus

    $20.00 per DVD

    Additional DVD copies

    $10.00 per DVD

    Transfer Files to USB Stick


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