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Photograph Scanning

we can scan your photos to high quality digital images

Never Lose Another Cherished Photo Again !

Perhaps of all the ways there are to save memories, photographs are the best loved. We all have albums of photos, some dating back to our childhoods that we treasure.

But the older they are, the more likely they are to be a little worse for wear from time, general neglect and in some cases dampness. 

The only way to be sure you have saved your past for the future is to have your photo collections digitally scanned. They then come truly portable, you can view them on all types of devices from your television to your phone. We can also create folders and name them separately so you can easily locate your scanned images.

Store them onto a portable hard drive and even upload them to a cloud based server for ultimate protection. Once lost, you can never get your photos back - and that can be heartbreaking.

What we do:


  • Prior to digitisation all photos are blown free of dust to ensure the best quality reproduction.
  • Colour restoration filters are applied (if required)
  • The photos are scanned to a media of your choice - CD, USB memory stick or portable hard drive.


The below images show colour restoration from photographs scanned.

                              BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

we can enhance the quality of your images and photos

colour enhancement from converted images


colour correction from converted images

If you have a large number of photographs we can possibly look at a bulk order discount for you.

Pricing - Photograph Scanning 



Cost per Image

(Any Size Photo) We scan at 600dpi per image   
Minimum Order $20.00

1 - 15


16 - 200


201 - 500


500 - 1000



Extra Options

Transfer files to USB Stick


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