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Slide and Negative Scanning

We convert the following size formats




we can convert your photo negatives to digital format

we can convert large and small negatives to digital format

Let the Experts Take Care of Your Slides and Photo Negatives

Many of us have home scanners which can be used to take images of photos, but these rarely give high quality results.

Results that you can show in high definition on your television or on a large overhead screen, for instance.

We use professional scanners that not only scan photos but slides and negatives too, in resolutions up to a maximum of 5400dpi. This makes them suitable for blowing up for large format viewing.

We provide files in .jpeg. tiff, bitmap or PDF file formats.

If you would like us to email you some samples of your scans prior to commencing the job, just let us know.

What we do:


  • All slides and negatives are lightly cleaned and dust blown prior to being scanned.
  • Once pre-scanned a number of filters are applied (if required) to correct colour, lighting & remove particles appearing on the images.


Also we can create a slideshow of photographs & slides so they can be viewed on your television, great for tributes, birthdays and anniversaries.

Most imperfections on slides are digitally removed, some stubborn stains & marks cannot be. For best results slides should be stored in containers to avoid dust, heat, dampness & scratching.

The slide below shows an example of how mould & damp conditions can ruin your slide collection.


The image on the left below was scanned by one of the many cheap slide scanners available in todays market. The image on the right was scanned by one of our professional scanners, the difference in quality is easy to see.

we use high quality scanners to get the best quality

Our scanning machines at Convert It have a number of excellent digital enhancing effects to make your slides & negatives look great again. The image on the left below has no effects applied to it, the one on the right does. You can see the dust and marks are reduced & the colour tones are more natural.

If you have a large number of slides or negatives we can possibly look at a bulk order discount.

Pricing - Slide & Negative Scanning



Cost per Image

Slides are scanned at 3200dpi with equates to a file size of 7mb per image


Minimum Order Value $20.00
















1000+ $0.65

Extra Options

Transfer files to USB Stick



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