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Video Tapes to Digital

We convert the following Videotape formats

Save Your Videotapes Before They're Lost Forever

Video players are notorious for "chewing up" tapes, as many of us know only too well. At best the tape is retrieved but never plays properly again. At worst the tape is completely ruined and the images are lost. But chewed up tapes aren't the only danger for video footage, other things such as mould can find it's way onto tapes and degrade the picture and sound quality.

Or your video player stops working so you replace it with a DVD player. Result - your have no way to view your old videotapes.

As well tapes deteriorate over time, especially when they've been watched a lot, the quality becomes poorer until eventually they are unwatchable. Digitising your tapes means you'll never lose another video again.

You may wish to edit your video footage yourself, please let us know and we can provide you files for PC and MAC computers.

What we do:


  • All videotapes are cleaned through our machine to remove particles, mould and dust from the tape prior to being captured.

  • Colour enhancements are applied (if required) after the footage has been digitised.
  •  Sound enhancements are applied (if required) after the footage has been digitised. 
  • All DVD's are labelled 




Videotape Deterioration

Above is an example of a deteriorated videotape. Once picture and sound disappear, you cannot retrieve them back. This is an all too common problem with videotapes.

The common causes of deterioration are:

  • Videotapes left out of their cases.
  • Videotapes stored in damp conditions and close to magnetic equipment such as televisions.
  • Wear and tear due to fast forwarding and rewinding.


Mould on your videotapes can make some of them un-viewable. We can remove this through our cleaning machine which will give you better results once transferred to DVD.

we can clean video tapes to restore them

Videotape Cleaning Machine



Pricing - Video Tapes to Digital 


We can provide you files for editing on MAC & PC's. All tapes are cleaned prior to digitising

Number of Tapes

Transfer Charge


$40.00 per tape


$35.00 per tape


$30.00 per tape


$25.00 per tape


$22.50 per tape

51 or more                           Contact us for a price


Extra Options (on top of transfer charge)

Transfer Video Files to USB Drive

$15-$120 (depending on size of USB required)

Additional copies of DVD discs

$10.00 per disc

Editing out gaps/blank screens

  $10.00 per tape


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