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Vinyl Records to Digital

convert your vinyl to CD for digital sound quality

Preserve Your Music Collection Forever

Many of us have favourite old vinyl records tucked away in a cupboard. But chances are you no longer have anything to play them on. The turntable has gone the way of the dinosaur.

If you have 45rpms, 33rpms or even earlier 78rpms, we can give you back your music. In fact we can even improve it by turning your favourite albums and singles into high quality digital audio files that maintain the uniquely rich sounds of vinyl whether you play them on your iPod, in your car or on your home theatre system.

What we do:

  • We thoroughly clean your vinyl.
  • We analyze the sound and run a series of filters to give your quality digital sound.
  • We record the music to digital, splitting out individual tracks so you can locate them easily.
  • We enhance the sound to reduce unwanted noise, crackling and popping. .
  • We label your new files.


we analyze your sound and run filters to give you quality digital sound

we make your old vinyl sound great

we can do bulk order vinyl discounts

If you have a large number of vinyl records, we can possibly look at a bulk order discount for you.

Pricing - Vinyl Records to Digital



Per Record

Including Album Cover

78rpm Records



33rpm Records: 1



33rpm Records: 2-5



33rpm Records: 6 or more



45rpm Records $10.00  

Extra Options


Additional CD copies

$10.00 per disc


Transfer files to a USB stick



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